Camp ’n Class Terms of Service

Bookings: A valid credit card must be provided to secure a reservation at Camp ’n Class RV Park. Full payment is due at the time of booking. Month-to-month guests will be charged for their first month at the time of booking. We accept Visa & M/C.

Refunds: A $30 cancellation fee will be kept from all canceled reservations and charged to your credit card on file. No refund will be given to No Shows, Early Departures or Evicted Guests.

Check-in / Check-out:

                                              i.     Check-in is at 1 pm MST and entitles you to your site until 11 am the next day.  If you will be arriving early, please make arrangements until your site opens up or call the office to be advised if early arrival is possible. We do not have a waiting area for those checking in early.

                                             ii.     Late check-ins are allowed. Please contact the park for instructions.

                                           iii.     If you wish to move sites, please check with the office. Due to reservations and maintenance, moving may not be possible.

                                            iv.     Monthly and Long-Term Guests:  If you are staying in our park for a month or longer, we require a special agreement to be signed at the time of check-in.  PLEASE NOTE: monthly guests will be charged for power usage during your stay.

 v.     Check-out time is 11 am. Please stop at the office upon check-out. You will need to clear up any outstanding account balances. Also, return any gate cards before leaving to avoid a $25 card replacement fee.

vi. Late checkouts and extensions can be requested for an extra fee, subject to availability. Guests with reservations will have priority of that site & will not be moved for your extended stay.

Site charges include 2 adults and their children. Additional adults are $5/person/day (18+ is an adult). Maximum of 8 people total at a site at any given time.

Only 1 RV and a maximum of 2 other vehicles are allowed per site. Commercial vehicles are prohibited. Please do not park anything in an adjacent or empty site. Use of more than one site will result in additional charges and must be pre- approved by a Park Manager. Boats, boat trailers, cargo trailers, unhooked car dollies, etc. may not be kept on any sites. Storage is available for a fee in our storage lot, subject to availability.

No tents/gazebos of any type allowed.

The park speed limit is 10 km/h, IN & OUT. Exceeding this speed limit will result in a warning. Multiple warnings will require us to ask you to leave. Safety is our number one priority for our guests.

Children must be supervised at all times and play within your site only. Children must be with an adult when entering any buildings or washroom facilities. Children may not play on the roads at any time, riding bicycles at our main entrance, gate or paved areas is prohibited, for everyone’s safety.


  1. Pet fees are $2/pet/day or $25/pet/month. Maximum 2 dogs per site. All pets must be registered at time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone whose pet is not considered suitable for the serenity/safety of our guests or the Park.

  1. Pet pens must ONLY be set on the gravel area in your own site.

  1. Pets must be kept on a leash within the park. They are not to be left unattended in your site or RV for any length of time. Pets are prohibited in Park buildings at any time.

  1. Be a good neighbour and please use our off-leash dog park provided for you and your pet. Clean up after your pet ALWAYS. Do not let your pet deposit waste on your site or any grass areas throughout the park. As pet urine kills grass, damaged grass by urine or feces will result in a $25 repair fee. Failure to clean up after your pet will result in you being asked to leave without a refund.

  1. No exotic pets are permitted. This includes all reptiles or birds.

Visitors are welcome at guest sites between the hours of 9 am & 10 pm. Please have your guests sign in at the office and park in the parking area near the office, outside the gates. If the office is closed, please meet your guests at the front and have them walk in. Guests are responsible for ensuring their visitors are signed in and that all RV Park rules are followed.


Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight. If you wish to have your guests stay overnight, please register them at the office. Extra fees may apply.

Giving visitors the entrance security gate code or gate card is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in eviction from your site.

Any damages to the facilities or sites will be the responsibility of the registered guest and charges will be made accordingly to the credit card on file. You are responsible for your guests and their actions.

Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am. Please be courteous to other guests around you. Loud music or objectionable noise is not allowed at any time. Inconsiderate guests will be evicted from the park without a refund.

For the comfort of all our guests, restrooms and showers are open 24/7. Showers are $1 for 5 minutes. Change is available at the front office.


  1. For your convenience, our laundry facilities are open 24/7. Our machines accept loonies. Change is available at the office.

  1. Do not wash pet bedding, blankets, etc. Laundry facilities are monitored and a $25 clean up fee may be charged to your card on file. Please be respectful of others.

  1. Heavily soiled, oily, or greasy work clothes washing is prohibited. There is a heavy-duty laundromat in Stony Plain that we can direct you to.                                    

iv.     Clean the dryer filters after each use and wipe down the washer and dryer with the cleaning products/paper towels provided on the counter.

v. Leaving clothes in the washer or dryers beyond the allotted time is prohibited. Guests waiting to use machines and experiencing abuse can contact staff who will remove any clothing. A service fee of $5.00 will be charged.  Camp’n Class reserves the right to deny laundry access for abuse.

  We do not allow parking in an empty site or along roadways or grass areas.  Please do not walk or drive through occupied sites at any time.

Walking around the park with open liquor bottles is not allowed. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is restricted to your site. If you visit another site, please pour drinks into shatterproof containers. Cannabis usage is prohibited anywhere in the park.

Clotheslines are not allowed anywhere on sites. Guests may not hang or tie any items to the trees or fences.

Storage is not allowed under or around your RV or picnic table. There will be no decks, fridges, freezers, etc. allowed on your site. Long-term guests, please contact the office for additional questions.

No portion of your RV, (including slides) is to encroach on the neighbor’s site or the grass area of your site. Do not park closer than two feet from the power pedestal side, extra attention is required with slide-outs.

Camp ’n Class is near a wildlife habitat area. There are coyotes, foxes, birds of prey, etc. All guests should ensure pets and small children are always supervised. For this reason, also do not leave any trash out overnight.

All trash is to be bagged and disposed of in enclosed trash bins by the hall area. Do not dispose of wires, oil, paint, furniture, mattresses, or any toxic waste or chemicals in our trash bins. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in charges for disposal fees, as well as eviction from the park.

Recycle bins are located at the garbage bins, for bottles and drink cans only.

All sites are to be kept neat and clean for the duration of your stay. It is your responsibility to regularly clean up garbage, cigarette butts, etc. from your site. Failure to do so may result in a clean-up fee of $25.

Satellite dishes, propane grills/BBQs and propane fire pits are allowed on gravel areas or on your personal tables ONLY. They are PROHIBITED on our picnic tables. Wood fires are not allowed in our park.

Do not flush tampons, baby wipes or any personal sanitary products into our septic system.

Amp usage over the RV design can trip your breaker. Please be mindful of your amp usage, so that you do not trip your breaker during your stay. Please notify the office if you have any electrical issues during your stay. Guests are not permitted to diagnose our electrical/Wi-Fi pedestals, as per insurance and safety requirements.

Maintenance of RVs or vehicles on the property is not allowed, except by qualified RV specialists. Please inform the office and have all specialists check in at the office prior to entering.

RV or vehicle washing by hose or bucket is strictly prohibited anywhere in the park. There is an RV wash located in the town of Stony Plain that our office can direct you to.

The use of any paint products or chemicals is prohibited.

The use of tarps anywhere is prohibited.

Fireworks and firearms are strictly prohibited in our park. The prohibiting of fireworks includes sparklers, smoke bombs, aerials, and firecrackers. The prohibiting of firearms includes all guns including airsoft, BB and pellet guns. If these items are seen outside of your RV, you will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

Generators are not to be used in the park at any time.

Drones or other remote-controlled machines may not be used at any time on the property. ATVs, dirt bikes and other OHVs are not to be used within the park.

Please be diligent and check water boxes frequently for leaks, and notify the office if maintenance is required.

Please DO NOT touch the TOP breaker in the breaker box.

Emergency Contact Information forms are required from all monthly guests. This information remains private and is used only when a situation arises, only when we would need to contact someone in the event of an emergency, or someone is sought by law enforcement agencies. We never give personal information out to others.

Guests are responsible for any damage or injury caused by themselves, their children, and/or pets.

Guests assume any and all risks associated with the foregoing and agree to hold Camp ’n Class in its entirety harmless from and indemnify Camp ’n Class against the same.

Camp ’n Class does not accept responsibility for personal injuries, damage, loss, or theft of any personal property or vehicle. All facilities are used at your own risk.

Profanity or violence towards other guests or Camp ’n Class staff will result in immediate eviction from the park, with no refund.

Camp’n Class is privately owned and reserves the right to evict any person(s) who does not comply with the rules and policies. There will be no refunds issued for evictions.

If you observe any activity you believe to be of concern, or you have any questions, call the office at 780-963-2299. (No soliciting is allowed.)

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY… CALL 911, give the address 4107-50 Street, Stony Plain, AB, T7Z 1L5 along with your site # and your gate passcode. Meet the Emergency crew at the gate (if possible) to direct/escort the emergency personnel to your site.

Your signing of these terms of Service acknowledges your receipt and agreement to all our rules and regulations.